The Men4Men Story

two-menOur story goes all the way back to 1991, before the world wide web and way before anything like streaming online porn videos. But what a few of us homosexual geeks could do was to build a computer BBS “bulletin board system” … a private network of sorts.

The original Men4Men BBS was a strange beast with a central computer in Blue Turtle’s garage and twenty five phone lines that let us jack our modems together and share text and picture files locally with each other. We called our club Men4Men, and made a web site for ourselves way back in 1995. Of course, with the web came vastly improved networking and pornification opportunities. Then the fun really began!  We used our web site as a place where we could share files and catch links to all the hot new stuff on the web. Later we purchased some bulk video feeds and other goodies. For many years it was a casual, invitation only club and we split the costs of the video feeeds and other services amongst ourselves to give us fast, no-fuss access to the good stuff, both on-site and off. We put everything we like together in one handy place with no damn pop-ups or bookmarks.  You know how this one goes, right?

Everybody loves a good party, and lots of people asked for keys to our playhouse. So many, in fact, that we decided to go ahead and open the doors of our Gay XXX Porn to everyone. Dues are collected on your way in, after that, consider yourself family. We’re all men here, and boys will be boys. Have a good wank or thirty and make yourself at home.  And tell us what you think of the place! If you want us to include something, just let us know. If you love a feed, or you hate it, tell us that too. We will keep finding the hot stuff and posting it here. You just keep coming by and telling us what you like in Men4Men.

Yours in service, The Men4Men Editors